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 John_Boxton's LSPD chief application

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PostSubject: John_Boxton's LSPD chief application   John_Boxton's LSPD chief application EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 11:08 pm

Ingame name : John_Boxton
IC Bio : Born in all saints hospital, raised near grove street. Went to school, got decent grades. Had a lot of fun during the summers. In highschool, on career day, i stayed in the police career classroom the whole day to learn about the experiences of being a police officer. During the summers, my friends would start to join gangs, 1 by 1 i saw them disappear. It really hurt me to see my close friends be taken away in a heart beat. I am currently 34 years old. I have been in the law inforcment for quite some time.

Why do you think that you would be a good chief? : i think that i would be a good chief because i know what to do in all situations. I take the job very seriously. I do not random recruit. I will hold recruitments when reasonable. I will not give you a rank if you ask. Asking makes it longer. When you start out you will be a cadet, and will remain a cadet till i see that you are a good Rper and have decent skills of being a police officer. I have a 3 warning system, if you get more than 3 warning for MG, DM, KOS, or anything, you are out.

OOC information : Name - Landon
Age : 15
Time zone : Eastern usa canade
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John_Boxton's LSPD chief application
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