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PostSubject: Department of Justice Faction   Department of Justice Faction EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 7:20 pm

This is probably a very wrong place to put this, but I needa give a suggestion (and I can't post anything in the feedbacks section, so if you can move this there, that would be awesome Very Happy). I have an idea for a Department of Justice faction, which is kind of like a court faction. I have a hell lot of details about it, but I won't post them, in case somebody comes and takes all that info and puts it in their own server. I'll pm Jack/Daniel about it, if this gets approved, then I'll put every detail in the pm. So /support or /approve (if you can) if you want this! -Charles Barkley
P.S. I got this COMEPLETELY mapped, which took me a shit load of time, so please /support or /approve
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Department of Justice Faction
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