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 stats refund/reminder :D

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stats refund/reminder :D Empty
PostSubject: stats refund/reminder :D   stats refund/reminder :D EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 9:11 am

first of all two questions one, Does anyone come to the server? does the server goes on ?is the server closed?
question two anyone remember me? I used to be the pilot at Saga and admin lvl and helper and i used to give the ventrilo server too to the server . if not remember ask Jack he should remember me and Jofi Remembers me for sure please answer the refund part is that ill be pilot btw i asked an app for air security still pending xD and I was admin level 1 like menteiond before and I was Helper I am not surprised if you denie my request but please think about it.
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stats refund/reminder :D
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