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 Admin request - Sergey Petrov

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Admin request - Sergey Petrov Empty
PostSubject: Admin request - Sergey Petrov   Admin request - Sergey Petrov EmptySat Sep 03, 2011 9:21 am

Ingame name:Sergey_Petrov
Information about yourself i.e age etc...: ooc:18 playing samp rp for 6.5 years 3 years at LS-RP and I used to be in this server and I loved it very much.
Why would you make a good admin:because I have lots of experience I know RP very good (^^) and I have been at very big israelin servers an admin like Vgames , Stala Zone (just for case you want to see they are really big servers well Vgames is now closed but nvm )
Why do you think you should be selected over any other person who is applying:because I used to play at this server much and I know RP for 6.5 years and 2 years out of them I have been admin at big Israelian servers (btw not all Israelian dont know how to RP xD) and I used to be helper and admin in this server so i hope to become one again.
Hope to get Accepted
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Admin request - Sergey Petrov
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